Um... A little better, today, actually...

So, I don't know why, there's no particular rhyme or reason, unless it is that today I am home again with Tom and the world seems to have righted itself somewhat. I have cautiously extended tendrils to the outside world from within our safe cocoon, and so far it goes well. I have done washing. I have phoned the passport office and have an appointment for Friday, which will give me a passport in a week from then. I have phoned my mother and begged and whined and she has agreed to come with me AND pay the 90 squid fee, until payday, which should mean we can afford to pay what I owe the Student Loans Company for my late deferral. I have agreed with Matt that I won't be attending another LARP event till Renewal (August BH), which means effectively that I can spend two weekends at least being spoilt by my mother while he goes off and does things.

My plants aren't dead, and the cat hasn't entirely disappeared (thanks to the efforts of maleghast, to whom I owe at least a hot dinner and some wine). Copious application of lemsip and tea has deadened the hideous cold I had yesterday somewhat.

All it needs is for Matt to be on time to take me riding tonight, and I think I could actually be persuaded to think the world is not an entirely bad place. And the craziest thing - from this point, I can't actually say why I was so damned depressed last week. Maybe it was being forced into a situation where all the insecurities the depression thrust upon me were highlighted and tattooed across my skull in a "Normal people don't feel like this!" kind of way. Maybe it was just being overridden by people with less intelligence and social skills than the average housebrick. But now, at home, none of that matters. I am In My Place, and it will do.
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Birthday! And quiz!

It's my birthday in one week. I would like to do something for it, but we are away the weekend after. So. This Saturday... delvy, please can you fix it for me to go to Kew Gardens for a picnic? Please please please?

Edited to add: Or you may take/send me horseriding...

In other, er, well not news, just randomness, I have a book with 19 of my favourite poems in it. So. Here are all the first lines. Give me the poet, the poem, and the next line. No googling or Oxford Dictionary of English Verse-ing please! Virtual cookies for correct answers, virtual spankings for incorrect ones.
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Up to *here*

Right, that's it, I've had enough. Apparently no one else is going to say anything, so I will. (By the way this concerns WoW so anyone who is uninterested or unconnected with such can safely switch off now, unless of course they are genuinely curious to see what form my fury will take.)

wulfboy and nattydreadai, I have had enough of the pair of you. I love you both dearly but I have no interest at the moment in being anywhere near either of you when it comes to WoW, unless by some miracle you decide to sort out whatever is going on in your tiny male brains.

Here's the real deal, for both of you, as fairly as I can put it.

Yes, Rich, you are a selfish player. You may be getting better, or it may simply be that suddenly we are cool and you are willing to hang out with us and help you out. But, to put it simply, you are a tart. You find it impossible to deal with one close group of friends, and you are constantly moving on to whatever seems newer or cooler at the time. You would rather play outside the guild than inside, and you brag about stuff you really shouldn't. Furthermore, just so you know, when people *ask* is the right time to give advice. There is more than one way to play the game, yours is *not* the only right way, and you are not right about everything. That's that sorted then.

Andy, you are behaving irrationally. Either accept how Rich plays the game or kick up a fuss, don't sit and stew over it. You are extending all your bitterness on to Rich, when it's not really only Rich who has annoyed you, and I dare say not all of it is actually anything to do with the game. Yes you have made incredible efforts to help me and Matt out and we *do* appreciate it - why does it bother you that other people haven't? It doesn't bother me, it just meant my opinion of you was higher.

Here's the crunch point though - why is it *me* saying this? I'm not the IC or OOC leader of the guild, I haven't even been playing that long. This is Arwel's job but he refuses to do it because you are all a big bunch of boys. You'd rather sit and whinge than do something about it.

While we're on the subject - Matt I am *not* your five point alchemist girlfriend and I would appreciate it if you could stop treating me as such. Nor am I some stepping stone on the path to you becoming Senior High Warlord God, or whatever you're aiming for. You can take a *grown up pill* too.

Are you all friends, or not?

Right. Well. I think that's all I wanted to say really. I think I've offended the maximum amount of people, in really quite a small number of words. Oh well. You were all depressing me and I've had enough. If you *actually* give a crap about me in RL or in a game, perhaps you'll try and sort it out. Yar. Get back to me on that one then.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.
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the world is poo

Well, it's true.

WoW is back and this is good as I don't spend as much time thinking. Need to do some housework today but cleaning up the cat sick kinda makes me feel I've paid my dues. Still *very* up and down at the moment.

In other news, I have started stealing Tom's dummy during the day and so far it goes well.


WoW has officially taken over our lives. Sadly this has coincided with Wanadoo cutting off our broadband due to evil bank antics, so we are on messy dial ups at the mo. WoW is also to blame for me missing people on messenger - I apologise whole heartedly to everyone, it's not my fault, my computer seems to load Messenger even when I tell it not to so I'm not actually aware it's telling everyone I'm online when it should say "busy"... cos I can't actually tell if people are messaging me or not.

But other than that, things are... OK. Not great, but OK. Hopefully in a couple of weeks though we'll have something to celebrate... But more on that later.

Hugs to everyone, I do still think of you, I just have a small addiction problem which hopefully will ease off once I'm 60th lvl. *grin*